Credne (as a mortal)

is a malignant Mountain-Dwarf who is the main antagonist both the "Innocents" and "King of Kings" storyarcs - he will also be appearing as one of the many supporting villains in "Monsters" saga as well as one of the many residents of Tartarus that shall appear in Shadow of The Red Queen.


Credne had entered into a deal witth Equinox to be spared from death following a great feud between the two, spurred on by Equinox's merciless slaughter of the Mountain Dwarves - Credne agreed to live in isolation along with Loki in exchange for the promise of Equinox to respect Credne's territory and so forth.


However neither Credne nor Equinox planned to honor their promise and soon Credne would break his pledge when Loki trespassed in the main city - getting into a confrontation with a young Inferno and Seren only to be sent back by Equinox himself.

When Loki informed Credne of what had transpired the dwarf decided to use Inferno in his plan to take control of the sacred World-Tree and thus (he believed) become blessed with its legendary power.

It was also revealed that Credne raised the Valkyrie youth known as Thor in secret after Thor's family was slaughtered by Equinox during the events of A Mother's Love.

King of Kings


Credne (as a demon of Tartarus)


Shadow of The Red Queen



  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Dark Sight
  • Hammer

(as a demon)

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Dark Sight
  • Hammers
  • Multiple Limbs 
  • Petrifying Touch (anything Credne ensnares in his tentacles is turned into stone)