"..Sangria.. there is something you need to know.. you are my daughter.. I love you with all my heart.. yet there is something I have hid from you.. from the others.. even from your father.. you see, Sangria.. something went wrong.." ~ Red


When Red was pregnant with Sangria she held a secret from her friends and family - that Sangria was not alone in the womb: indeed even before she was born Sangria's life was endangered by a parasitic "twin" that threatened to destroy the unborn child.

Fearing she would lose Sangria Red fought a silent battle with herself while hiding the inner-conflict from everyone, even her own lover, wanting to spare them the torment she was going through: ultimately Sangria would prevail over the parasite and be born a healthy baby girl.

With Sangria's safe birth Red felt that her battle was finally over and began the process of raising her, yet the parasite had not truly died at all - the creature having used a small amount of Sangria's psyche to stay alive, invisible, within the astral-realm where it lay in wait.

Naming itself Crimson the parasite watched as Sangria grew and began to mirror her, as Sangria grew more beautiful and loving so too did Crimson grow more deformed and twisted - her presence starting to become known to Red.

Child's Play (1988) Theme03:23

Child's Play (1988) Theme

Crimson's (un)official theme

So it was that Red once again fought a battle with Crimson, this time in the astral-plane, ending with Red casting Crimson into the Realm of Madness - where the creature remains to this day.. waiting for a chance to break free..

Powers / Abilities

  • Astral-Possession (Crimson can project her astral-form into the bodies of living beings and control them)
  • Astral-Existence (Crimson exists in an astral-state and is thus virtually Eternal)
  • All-Devouring (Crimson can devour almost any type of matter or energy it wants - with no known limit to its ability to consume)

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