Crucio is a sadistic demon and an agent of Evil who was sent to corrupt Angela following her fall from the High Heavens, at first Crucio was confident in its task and believed it would be "easy": yet it soon found that Angela was highly resistant to its many attempts and each failure was like a knife stabbing into its dark heart, a deep hatred growing inside it for Angela.

Yet upon observing Angela's relationship with the homeless and the young girl known as Kate Crucio finally found a "weakness" and set about manipulating events so as to increase the suffering of the community in order to drive Angela over the edge and make her embrace the violence and hate she has long fought against..

Powers / Abilities

Evil Techno - Demon06:46

Evil Techno - Demon

Crucio is a powerful demon serving under the cosmic-entity known as Evil and has great influence amongst the armies of darkness - the collective legions of the Depths of Depravity, amongst the least of Crucio's abilities seen in the course of the series are:

  • Immortality (Crucio is a spiritual evil, thus can never truly die - as long as Evil has use of Crucio in the physical world it can revive from seemingly impossible odds, when not in the physical world it resides within the Depths of Depravity)
  • Omnipresence (Crucio can appear in multiple areas at once)
  • Omniscience (Crucio has extensive knowledge about almost all beings in the Multiverse)
  • Shape-Shifting (Crucio is a master shape-shifter who can appear in any form it pleases, even inanimate objects or totally alien designs - it can also mimic the voices and scent of those it may try and duplicate, making it one of the most talented shape-shifters in Evil's army)
  • Body Modification (in it's "true" form Crucio can shape parts of its massive body into weapons)
  • Dimensional-Control (Crucio can open/close dimensional-portals and exists both on the physical plane and in the lower-planes)
  • Auto-Genesis (Crucio can form many smaller "clones" of itself which can be reabsorbed later)
  • Anthropophagy (Crucio can gain limited control over beings that are resistant to possession or parasitic-control via eating small bits of their hair, skin or similar)
  • Parasitic Control (Crucio can create parasitic-worms that attach onto the necks of victims like leeches, putting them under its mental control - normally reserved for beings resistant to conventional possession)
  • Possession (Crucio can possess other beings, like many spiritual demons)



Charon / Hubris / Parasomnia


Crucio / Evil / Mastema / Runt / Mickelus

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