The Cult Of The Watchers is an ancient and powerful organization that is a corrupted version of the ancestral worship that makes up the majority of Avalon's often complex belief systems - the Cult Of The Watchers has long been outlawed but references to the Watchers exist in other belief systems such as the religious order the late Oberon once belonged to.

The Cult Of The Watchers spreads far and wide with members of every class from common peasants to monarchy known to practice its forbidden rituals and although great efforts were made to eradicate it from Avalon in days of old the corruption of King Equinox allowed the cult to gain much more power over his dark reign, power it still retains (to a lesser extent) to this day.

The current ruler of Avalon, Equis, has ordered a great purge of the Cult Of The Watchers, mirroring in many ways Equinox's great purge of Avalon's past - Equis believes that this purge will eventually destroy the cult once and for all but it is unknown how effective such a tactic will be as the Watchers are beings born of madness, death and destruction.. such titanic power will always attract the weak, foolish and mad as well as the desperate and dejected..


The Cult Of The Watchers belief that the Watchers are gods but unlike many other religions do not believe them to be neutral or benevolent - instead they embrace the Watchers' true demonic nature and see true power as coming from acts of violence, cruelty and madness.

It is the goal of most members of the Cult Of The Watchers to achieve ascension and become a lesser-god themselves, though few of them ever achieve such a task - they are also nihilistic and wish to speeden what they see as the inevitable destruction of all worlds so that they can rule supreme in the sea of chaos that makes up the realm of the Watchers.


The Cult Of The Watchers practice anarchic rituals often abuse, death and defilement - often twisted parodies of the ancestral worship found in more mainstream Avalon religions: they also recite bizarre and often disturbing chants and songs devoted to the Watchers and championing the concept of "salvation through suffering".

Manipulation is a trait seen as desirable by members of the Cult and they often try to achieve as much destruction as possible via trickery and lies - some have managed to achieve unimaginable horror in this way and they see the process of brutally ruining other people's lives as part of their service to the Watchers, even family members are not safe from the manipulations of these madmen and women - who often hold a Darwinist view that the weak should be exploited, even their own young.

Prominent Members

  • King Equinox (first appearance: "Brother's Keeper")
  • Arodnap (first appearance: "Fall Of Avalon")
  • Loki (first appearance: "Innocents")
  • Xenif (to be revealed)
  • Neptune (to be revealed)