Cupcake is the youngest of the Rejects and also the newest, as such she still has a lot of learn about the team and finds herself having to adapt to the life of a second-rate superhero - a responsibility thrust upon after a fateful night as a high-school cheerleader was cut short when a mad wizard's spell backfired and empowered her with the "power of ages".


Powers / Abilities

  • Strength Augmentation (Cupcake can increase her physical strength continually, making her by far the strongest of the Rejects - however she doesn't tend to display anything beyond "typical" superhuman strength as her other abilities tend to negate the need for excessive displays of physical might)
  • Size Alteration (Cupcake can shrink down to near-microscopic size or grow to the size of small buildings, her emotions have some degree of control over this as she often grows smaller when scared or sad and will often grow larger when angry or excited)
  • Empathic Empowerment (Cupcake can empower herself and allies with empathic energy for varied effects - this is done via cheerleading techniques she learned prior to her transformation)

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