Dahlia was the consciousness of the planet Thyria, given a living form, in order to lead a chosen one to Seya's Staff. She, as a character and a planet given a physical living body to use, was known to be somewhat tomboy-ish and rash when it came to decisions. She was the secret lover of Saizir, until she revealed to him herself that she reciprocated the feelings he felt toward her.


Dahlia was born to be the one to lead the chosen to Seya's Staff, and she did her job splendidly, allowing Saizir to get ahold of it. Before then, she was seen with Saizir at an orphanage, and when it was attacked by Kaede, she was told to flee by Saizir. Two years after, she led Saizir to Seya's Staff and herself, in which she did battle with Saizir, ultimately losing to him, she died in his arms, expressing her love and how she would never leave him.


Dahlia was kind, loving, carefree, and childish to a great extent, on the otherhand, at times she was shown to be seriosu at points, in which she would become less emotional. During her time with Saizir, she showed affection for him, and in her last moments, she told him of how she loved him. Dahlia also enjoyed games, mostly Hide-and-Seek, and as normal, she was always the one hiding, as she stated Saizir was good at the game, so she would prefer to be hiding instead of searching for him.

During her battle against Saizir, she showed control of her emotions, to a great extent, almost as if she had become a mere shell of herself, though this was a facade, as she loved him deeply.


Dahlia's skin was purple, she normally dressed in purple, she was a purple type of girl when it came down to everything. She was always displayed wearing a dress, something she loved wearing all the time.


Dahlia had a certain array of cosmic abilities, from creating ice to making translucent walkways, in which she would dance upon, attacking her enemies with dance moves and ballet performances. She was also skilled in sword fighting, and proved to be able to keep Saizir held back by herself. She also had the ability to make shadow versions of beings that lived upon her planet, herself.

Dahlia also had a good thought process when it came to battle, as she was easily able to out-maneuver Saizir easily, and keep control of the pace of the battle at the same time.

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