Damballa is chief amongst the Loa, also known as the "gods" of Vodou - he is comparable to an "all-father" and holds a seat of power within the Council of Godheads where he often converses with other higher-deities on matters of a cosmic scale, although often viewed as "evil" by mortals he is actually a neutral figure and does not actively harm nor aid unless he sees fit, working by his own rules.

As such Damballa gets along well with Tezcatlipoca - who shares his wildcard nature - he also has a friendship with Numakulla despite divering views on the world as a whole.


Damballa was born of Kronos from one of the elder-races alongside many other "Sky Fathers" and would travel across many worlds after the formation of the Hall of Gods, ironically it would not be until many centuries later that he and his fellow higher-gods would find Earth and establish the Vodou pantheon as humans would grow to know it.


Powers / Abilities

Damballa is a vast entity of near incalculable mystic power, far superior to your average "god" or "demon" and on a par with beings such as Odin or Zeus - amongst the least of his known abilities are:

  • Damballa's Will (he can channel great mystic power into individuals, allowing them to better utilize mana and spells) <first mentioned in Absolute Wars>

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