To many I am an evil being, a manipulator and a thief - they see me as the corruptor of innocence and the destroyer of dreams.. yet I am no monster.. I am a mother caring for her children, many will die for their young.. I will *KILL* for mine..

The world rejected them, hated them, mocked them at every turn - so I spread my wings and gave them shelter, I healed their wounds and dried their tears.. they slept in my arms.. unafraid.. their young minds would never again know cruelty: for within my eternal Twilight they would not fear mankind.

Yes, I know the evil man does, his evil is not welcome in my realm - soon I shall erase his taint from all creation and the dragons will reclaim their rightful place as gods amongst the multiverse, until then I shall take the orphaned and abused.. the children that time forgot.. I shall take them away and rid them of their mortal limits..

In me the beaten child is reborn a dragon, ready to strike at the world, to show them what fear truly is - with my guidance and care those who had known only the sting of mankind's wrath could grow to exact their righteous revenge.

I take the children in my arms and keep them warm as we watch mankind build his cities, I keep them safe as those same cities inevitably get washed away in the tide of war - it is in man's nature after all to destroy.. it is the only thing they truly excel at.. destruction..

Yet they can not destroy me nor can they harm my children, not any more, we have long outgrown them - mankind's cruelty now bites at us like flies and like any insect its only fate is to be crushed under our tread as we take what is ours..

In the world to come there will be no pain, no war, no cruelty - there will only be Twilight, my children shall spread far and wide yet so too shall I grow - forever watching and when they call I shall strike down with the strength of a thousand suns, until at long last none will live that do not know the dragon as their master.

We are gods, we shall rule this universe as such, the world of man will fall and the world of Twilight shall rise - with its eternal Queen standing tall, defending her kingdom - now and forever.. their dark defender.

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