The Dark Ones are a pantheon of dangerous and sinister abstract entities often referred to as Absolutes - they stand in opposition the the Gentle Ones and seem to make up a rather unique cosmology of their own design: though how this relates to other worlds and realities has long been a mystery.. many of the Dark Ones (much like the Gentle Ones) transcend normal space and time, appearing in realities and time-lines as they see fit and seeming to play a great but enigmatic role in the running of multiple universes..

Known Dark Ones

  1. Oblivion (embodiment of nothingness)
  2. Misery (embodiment of emotional suffering)
  3. Blight (embodiment of disease and filth)
  4. Enmity (embodiment of unbridled hatred and vengeance)
  5. Phobia (embodiment of fear)
  6. Iron-Maiden (embodiment of physical pain)
  7. Rot (embodiment of physical, emotional and spiritual decay)

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