"Your suffering amuses me."

—Dark Ruichi          

Dark Ruichi is the darker and more bestial alter ego of Ruichi. While Ruichi is quiet, reserved, and compassionate, Dark Ruichi is maniacal and sadistic.

As a child, Ruichi was subjected to cruel experiments by his father to create a human with the powers of dragons. This resulted in Ruichi gaining draconic abilities, which reveal themselves during moments of physical or emotional stress. In a way, Dark Ruichi is a manifestation of Ruichi's madness.

Ruichi naturally calls upon a fraction of his darker alter-ego merely by exerting himself in combat- usually in the form of draconic wings. When faced with further stress, his eyes may grow pitch black. His teeth will grow sharper, his fingers will grow into claws, and he will gain the ability to breathe fire. When fully transformed, his flesh will turn a dark grey and the skin around his eyes- now pitch-black orbs- will appear cracked. His skin will also harden like reptilian scales, and his physical strength will grow to even further heights.

Over the course of his story, Ruichi has begun to subdue this alter ego with the help of Nebula's love and compassion. He has been able to gain greater control over his dark self, though is still at risk from losing control to the beast within.


  • Master of the Scythe (Dark Ruichi retains his ability to wield a scythe.)
  • Draconic Physiology (Ruichi takes on several draconic qualities in his transformation into Dark Ruichi, such as gaining increased strength, sharper teeth, reptilian eyes, and a pair of wings which allow him to fly swiftly.)
  • Feral Rage
  • Pyrokinesis Tier III (Dark Ruichi gains much greater control over flame, and can even breathe fire.)
  • Enhanced Speed (Dark Ruichi's speed, reflexes, and agility increase in his transformation.)
  • Enhanced Strength (Dark Ruichi's physical strength is magnified in his transformation.)
  • Shadowkinesis Tier II-III (Dark Ruichi, when driven far enough into madness, can also tap into the power of darkness and dark magic.)


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