Dbiel, The Consumer is the secondary antagonist of Close Encounters and the creature which Tall Man is loyal to.


Around 300,000 BC Dbiel landed on Earth alongside the Tall Man, at the time Dbiel was no bigger than a grape and was taken to what would be known in future generations as Subterra by the Tall Man.

Once in the as-yet-unnamed Subterra the Tall Man planted Dbiel deep under the underground maze and began bringing it sentient beings to feed off, as Dbiel grew its hunger increased and before long both Dbiel and the Tall Man became greatly feared.

After centuries of feeding off the Worm People and other Subterra species Dbiel hungered for more and sent the Tall Man to the surface world, where they found a plentiful supply of sentient beings by which to feast on.

The Tall Man would bring beings from the surface world to Subterra to be consumed by Dbiel while also performing experimentation on the victims as part of a larger scheme..



Dbiel is an eternally hungry beast that feasts on other sentient beings, it has long grown to a point that although infinite in power it is still a largely mindless mass of chaos guided by hunger and hate.

Powers / Abilities

  • Gargantuan (Dbiel is a gigantic monster many times larger than any animal found in nature)
  • Tendrils (Dbiel has hundreds of tendrils which it can utilize as limbs, these tendrils can regenerate if damaged and are extremely strong even for Dbiel's massive size)
  • All-Consuming (Dbiel can consume almost all types of matter and energy, including mystical and cosmic elements)
  • Dbiel-Spawn (Dbiel can spawn tiny versions of itself which latch onto host bodies like leeches, dropping off after a while and returning to Dbiel - where they are promptly consumed)
  • Psychic Link (Dbiel has a psychic link with the Tall Man that allows the two beings to interact with one another across great distances)


Night Owl


Sack Man / Panic / Tall Man / Dbiel / Samuel Deuce

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