Deathwalker is the nickname of a strange and mysterious assassin. He is an unearthly powerful fighter, capable of holding up in battles between demigods such as Arbiter and Trickster.

The most notable thing about Deathwalker is that he is a damned soul who once sat in a very low corner of Hell. His original name is unknown, and he has practically no memory of his past.

Deathwalker has made a pact with Lucifer- to kill innocents and bring their souls into Hell. In return, he gets spared the wrath of Hell's tortures for a time.

Deathwalker has appeared in the prologue The Devil's Assassin and the ongoing story Hell's Broken Angel.

After Hell's Broken Angel, Deathwalker has constantly been afflicted with Hellish nightmares and memories.



Deathwalker has little personality upon being first met.


However, as he is assigned to capture more and more souls, he begins to question why he's allowing himself to "destroy things that are so beautiful". Eventaully, he sees the beauty of morality, and he rebels against Lucifer, protecting a certain soul that he was supposed to kill. Over time, Deathwalker becomes a more caring person.

He bears resemblance to a young adult (His age at death is unknown). His eyes are sunken and hollow and his irises are colorless. His hair is dark brown, tangled, and unkempt. Looking into his eyes for prolonged periods of time will give one the impression that they are slipping out of their own body. Despite all of this, though, he can blend in well with crowds of the living.


  • Stealth (Deathwalker is adept at concealing his appearance, even out in the open)
  • Weapon-Adept (Deathwalker can pick up any weapon and learn to use it in moments)
  • Marksman (Deathwalker is highly adept with firearms)
  • Swordsman (Deathwalker is highly adept with swords)
  • Pain-Resistant (Deathwalker does not feel pain)
  • The Spirit of Hell (Deathwalker possesses an array of Hellish-abilities.)
  • Soul-Stealer (Deathwalker can draw out the souls of those whom he's killed)
  • Hell-Travel (Deathwalker can open portals to Hell and to Earth. He can use these gateways to traverse between locations on Earth faster.)


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