Lucifer's Hell is populated with a number of residents who are collectively known as demons.

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels are the demons that possess a humanoid form, with the addition of wings, horns, and tails.


  • Malacoda
  • Scarmiglione
  • Barbariccia
  • Alichino
  • Calcabrina
  • Cagnazzo
  • Libicocco
  • Draghignazzo
  • Ciriatto
  • Graffiacane
  • Farfarello
  • Rubicante
  • Selvatici



Beasts are vicious creatures that reside in Hell. They possess no loyalties, but only because they are usually mindless animals.


The Defiled

The defiled are a creation of Malacoda's, with assistance from Nova. These demons seek physical form, and obtain it by possessing recently deceased bodies.

Defiled Ones


The damned are the souls who are denied entry into Heaven- while although not technically "demons", they can be considered amongst the ranks of Hell's denziens.


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