"don't you get it? I'm doing my job - keeping these freaks where they belong.. locked up and away from decent normal folk.. and you think I'm the bad guy?!'re nuts! ..I'm the bad guy?! ..oh boy.. that's rich!" ~ Derek Scott

Derek Scott is an antagonist from Nothing To Fear.., he is a sadistic warden who regularly abuses Pathos and the other superhuman patients of Valley High Sanatorium.


Nightcore - Getting away with murder02:50

Nightcore - Getting away with murder

Derek Scott's battle theme

Derek was raised to hate superhumans due to his father, who brainwashed his young son with vile hate and actively encouraged Derek to inflict physical "punishment" on superhumans - when his father was finally arrested Derek blamed superhumans for taking away his father, spending the rest of his youth in and out of care he eventually found work as a warden in Valley High Sanatorium despite having no training or legal right to do so.

The staff at Valley High were corrupt and impatient, thus Derek was given the job without much question and was given free run of the Sanatorium.

Derek abused patients from the start and when Pathos was brought into Valley High Derek found himself becoming physically attracted to her, which fuelled a vicious hatred in Derek's already troubled mind - taking to frequently beating Pathos to let out his frustrations she would become one of his most frequent targets.




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