Devastation is an upcoming antagonist in Time Wars, he is the "son" of Misery and Equis - the fulfilment of the prophecy she talked of in "Darkest Desire".

Devastation is a "physical god" - a lesser Absolute who embodies the idea of sudden, overwhelming despair and as such is one of Misery's more aggressive agents.


Most of the history of this character will remain hidden until Time Wars goes live, so as to minimize spoilers - what is known so far is Devastation was born via union between Misery and Equis that occured sometime after Monsters: Misery having tricked Equis into fathering the heir she had originally planned on mothering with the deceased Inferno.

Powers / Abilities

  • Immortality (Devastation is virtually immortal due to his heritage as the "son" of an Absolute - he is also virtually indestructible due to being part-Pegacorn)
  • Incarnation (Devastation is a "physical god" - the physical manifestation of suffering: unlike a true Absolute he is stuck in physical form (Incarnations have enhanced physical attributes and awareness of the cosmic world) )
  • Superhuman Strength(due to being part-Pegacorn and part-Absolute Devastation is one of the most physically intimidating beings in the multiverse, rivalling behemoths such as Adam Man in terms of sheer brute strength: his strength is further enhanced by the fact he is an Incarnation.)
  • Winged Flight (Devastation can fly with his wings much like any Pegacorn)
  • Negativity Vampirism (Devastation can feed off negative emotions so as to grow in power)
  • Misery Dragon-Flight Command (Devastation has full-command over the Misery Dragon-Flight and can even take on the traits of those creatures)
  • Misery Matrix(Devastation can create a Misery Matrix, empathic "shackles" that latch onto nearby enemies and cause them to experience similar anguish to that caused by the Misery Stare - making this a power that rivals even the Misery Stare in potency)


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