Dirty Dan is a tough-talking, no-nonsense detective turned bounty-hunter from the future who has a reputation for being one of the most successful bounty-hunters in the universe but also one of the most difficult to keep in employment as he often switches sides when a better offer comes his way: unlike many bounty-hunters he is known to do jobs for more than just monatery rewards: he has captured criminals in exchange for food, shelter and many other "special rewards".


Dirty Dan was born in the future, roughly around the year 2068, in his world he was a detective known for his questionable tactics and earned the nickname "Dirty" Dan as a result - he would lose his right arm in a battle with a space-pirate known as Attilla and had to have it replaced with a cybernetic-replacement.

Realizing his new upgrade made him stronger and better than any other law-enforcer in his time he quit his job and started hiring himself out as a bounty-hunter and toured the galaxy hunting down many heroes and villains who had a bounty on their head and has even traveled back in time a few times in order to hunt down especially tricky customers or to try ad hone his skills on the heroes and villains of the past: oddly Dirty Dan's time-traveling seems to cause very little in the way of paradoxes and it is not yet explained how he manages to prevent such side-effects from occurring.


Dan is a cyborg who has replaced his right-arm with a mechanical-arm capable of turning into any number of blades, guns or other weapon/tool he desires - it also bestows him superhuman strength in that arm - he is also in possession of advanced gadgets such as a hover-bike that can travel at Mach-1, grenades filled with stun-gas, tracker-chips and a v-net feeder that allows him to eavesdrop in on usually restricted files and channels. He is also in possession of a wrist-mounted time-machine that allows him to travel backwards and forwards through time, this time-machine is limited in function as he can't go back further than 1900AD or any further than 2098AD.

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