is an organisation dating back to the start of the Industrial Revolution and having links with almost all known criminal organisations (whether they are aware of it or not) - in many ways Dollhouse is akin to the legendary Illumaniti and have been manipulating the course of world history in an attempt to transform it into a totalitarian dictatorship with Dollhouse agents acting as the supreme rulers of an enslaved planet.

Rarely seen and dismissed as a myth by authorities Dollhouse are an insidious threat whose reach extends to all corners of the world and beyond: unknown even to the most senior of Dollhouse agents however is that the organisation is little more than a massive pawn for an even greater evil in the form of The Unborn.

The Unborn has never revealed itself as the true mastermind behind Dollhouse and most likely never will as it suits the creature to remain unnoticed - its many hosts have become the leaders of Dollhouse and as a result of this connection Freedom-Striker has often clashed with them: other heroes and antiheroes that have crossed Dollhouse path are Agent Red and Blight though it could be argued that due to the organisations vast reach that almost every hero and villain has been effected by Dollhouse and its unseen influence at some point in their lives.


Dollhouse helped Agent Kings to form Clandenstine and continually tried to manipulate and/or destroy the organization as they began to "deviate" from the plan originally envisioned by the society : this would make Dollhouse, in effect, the main antagonists of Clandenstine.

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