Drac used to be a normal human. He was the royal advisor to the king of Silvast, and he was one of his best and most trusted friends. Eventually, he and Verdelet decided they deserved more power than the king and planned to overthrow him and his wife. They bursted into the throneroom and attempted to kill both the king and the queen, but only managed to wound them.

This was the moment Agatha took control over Amnesty's body, which went wrong, resulting in a massive outburst of magic energy. When Amnesty regained control, the king and queen were both gone, and Drac had mutated into a half-man half-snake creature.

Conquest of Darkness

In the story "Conquest of Darkness" Drac returned to Silvast in hopes of taking revenge on Amnesty. His goal was to take control of Silvast and make Amnesty pay for his mutations at the same time. He was defeated by Arbiter and Amnesty before he managed to fullfill any of his goals.