"children of the night, what music they play.."

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Disturbed Korn-Forsaken

Dracula's Theme

Dracula is a legendary vampire believed by many to be a fictional character - yet he is revealed to be a real creature who gave rise to the modern vampire-clans.


The creature known as Dracula has been active in the world since 1205 and fathered the first of the "Modern" Vampire breeds - quickly crowning himself the "King of the Undead" he became a demonic, feared figure even amongst the most depraved of vampires, to the point many of them tried to convince themselves he was fictional.. yet all vampires know deep inside Dracula is very real and very, very dangerous..


Dracula is referred to several times in Nightfall, though the main antagonist of that crisis was Zack (more info to follow, hidden to avoid spoilers)


Dracula himself would become the central antagonist of Bloodlust, alongside Zack - who would return as a secondary antagonist.

Powers / Abilities

  • Regeneration (Dracula can regenerate from wounds traditionally fatal even to vampires)
  • Life-Blood Vampirism (Dracula becomes more powerful with each victim he drains of blood)
  • Shape-Shifting (Dracula can turn into a wolf, bat or cloud of mist at will as well as a 2-dimensional shadow)
  • Hypnotic Stare (Dracula's stare is hypnotic and can put others under his command)
  • Storm-Summoning (Dracula can summon mist, rain and lightning to his location)
  • Vermin Control (Dracula can command insects, mice/rats and other vermin)
  • Call of The Night (Dracula can call upon other vampires and raise the recently dead as servants)
  • Environmental Control (Dracula can cause his castle to manifest impossibly in the air, the castle moving from location to location via a mystic mist)


Simon Manx / Eve Godwit / Dawn



Zack / Butch / Dracula

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