It was a rather ordinary afternoon when an unkempt man stumbled into a chapel, surpising the small crowd inside as the minister looked over and went silent - the man continued to stumble towards the altar as the doors behind him burst open and a figure dressed in black calmly walked after him.

The crowds soon fled in horror as the glass windows shattered as the man in black walked back, the figure simply raising his arms to his side and spinning on the spot lazily as he allowed the crowds to flee - the minister going wide-eyed as the unkempt man fell to his knees before him.

"Forgive me, Heavenly father.. for I have sinned.. forgive me.." the man muttered, as if half-mad.

The minister remained wide-eyed as he turned to look at the massive stained glass window behind him, the image of Jesus and the Saints seeming to be the focus of the unkempt man.

The man in black lowered his arms and came to a stop just in front of the altar, the minister unable to utter a word as the man in black gave a slightly mocking salute, commenting as he too looked up at the stained glass:

"You win this one, old friend..".

Then as quickly as he had arrived the man in black turned and left the chapel, leaving the minister and the still mumbling man alone as the doors shut behind the mysterious stranger..

Chapter 1

(author's note: for the purpose of this story I would like to do something unorthodox and ask someone to start this chapter as their character, preferably after a major incident or conflict (alternatively in a moment of weakness) - the setting can be anywhere they feel said character would be and the time-line can be any time in Villians lore.)

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