Earl Grey is a historical hero from The Immortals series, having been active during 1875 until his retirement in 1915 at the age of 60 - he would die in 1935 at the age of 80, having earned himself the reputation of being one of the finest (if unpredictable) heroes of his era.

Earl Grey was responsible for aiding in over 1000 cases in his career, it is unsurprising then that in the modern era many consider Earl Grey to be very similar to the legendary Sherlock Holmes: however unlike Holmes Earl Grey was not a man of strict logic or reason and often acted in ways that while always designed to aid the greater good of society could clash with authorities and he had many run-ins with the law despite his career as a "private detective" (in reality he functioned more as a vigilante).

Earl Grey is also one of only a handful of men outside the Clockwork Empire to have access to aether-infused technology yet he refused to use the element to enhance his own life-span - knowing the side-effects it had on the human mind.


Powers / Abilities

  • Aether Pistol (Earl Grey has a small but functional raygun designed like a Victorian-era pistol, capable of firing short bursts of superheated aether in place of bullets)
  • Sword-Cane (Earl Grey's cane cane has a hidden blade within it, though he is also adept at fighting with the cane itself)
  • Dart-gun Umbrella (in addition to his cane Earl Grey often carries an umbrella that conceals a dart-gun operated by a small button: the darts are laced with sedatives)
  • Aether Pocket-Watch (Earl Grey has a pocket-watch that has a small button that operates a precise beam of superheated aether, suitable for cutting through locks and small objects)
  • Flying Machine (Earl Grey has a small flying-machine in his possession resembling a modified Victorian-era monowheel  (for a reference see this link).)

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