The Earth Dragon-Flight is one of the many Dragon Flights in existence and embodies the power of rock and magma as well as plant and animal life, who they are sworn to watch over and protect - as a result Earth Dragons have long been the closest in regards to mortal affairs and the ones most likely to act on their behalf.

Earth Dragons are fairly small and have rock-like scales covered in moss and other plant-life, they walk on all fours and every step they take causes plant-life to sprout from the imprint of their feet: via flapping their wings Earth Dragons can spread seeds of life far and wide, reviving area devastated by death and destruction.

Earth Dragons can unleash a powerful breath that is akin to living lava but unlike the Fire Dragons the breath of Earth Dragons is selective in what it destroys, being capable of sweeping across living beings without harming them if the dragon so desires: in short Earth Dragons have the somewhat unique ability of choosing whether or not their breath is destructive, often they will use it to intimidate rather than harm and this tactic is unique to the Earth Dragon-Flight.

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