Earthmind is the champion of Yomi and a near-mindless titan made out of rock and rubble, knowing only hate for the mortal world it is akin to a savage animal and is often riden into battle by Mecharoot, its mistress and fellow member one of the Demons' Hand.


Powers / Abilities

  • Behemoth (Earthmind is an extremely large and powerful creature, greatly dwarving most normal beings and possessing both considerable strength and intimidation)
  • Matter-Absorption (Earthmind can absorb matter to increase its size and strength even further, the range of matter it can absorb is unknown but very diverse)
  • Terrain-Mastery (Earthmind can master the terrain of many worlds, allowing it to easily bypass otherwise impossible terrain and perform limited terra-forming feats such as burrowing through mountains, walking over large bodies of water and opening or closing large rifts and volcanic fissures)
  • Siesmic Physiology (Earthmind is made out of rock, rubble and molten metal - as such it does not run by ordinary physiology and is akin to an elemental in terms of make-up)

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