Elite Hunting are a group of extreme anti-superhuman terrorists who have taken it upon themselves to hunt down superhumans of all ages, races and creeds - killing them and taking their heads as gruesome trophies much as Big Game hunters did in the past with wild animals.

Elite Hunting are a brazen criminal organization and make no attempt to hide their actions from the world, even in the volatile anti-superhuman section of society Elite Hunting are reviled due to their genocidal and insane nature - only the most vicious anti-superhuman terrorists even consider joining their ranks.

However despite being murderously anti-superhuman Elite Hunting are secretly under the command of the superhuman psychopath known as Headhunter (who has never revealed herself to the group in person - making the group oblivious to the fact they are being manipulated on a grand scale).




Headhunter / Derek Scott / Elite Hunting / Iconoclast / Stitches / Muse / Teddy Lee / Wallflower

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