Envy is a member of The Outsiders and was empowered by the Dark One known as Phobia - though he was loyal only to the "Dark Spirit" (who is Misery in disguise). Envy had similiar qualities to Phobia itself but had a more malignant nature, which made him somewhat of a disappointment to the real Phobia - who saw his potential as being wasted due to his obsession with darkness.. as with many things, Phobia seemed to predict the ultimate fall of Envy before it even occured.

Following his conversion to a follower of Evil herself Envy gained a demonic appearance resembling a skeletal humanoid with withered skin and glowing green eyes as well as enlongated arms ending in sharp claws - yet retained his old personality.



  • Dread Gaze (Envy can considerably lower the power-level of a victim in his vicinity - the effects lasting as long as they stay within his range of sight)


  • Dread Gaze (see above)
  • Evil Eye (Envy can now cause his Dread Gaze to produce a powerful blast of dark energy similar to an optic-blast but dealing emotional damage rather than physical (similar to a Misery Stare but far less potent) )

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