Eros is one of the Seven Lords of Chaos and a major antagonist in the Wicked universe.

As the Lord of Pleasure it is Eros who corrupts and twists love in order to destroy it, turning lovers into hateful obsessives and happily condemning mortals to eternal pleasure at the cost of what they used to hold dear.

Ruling over the domain of Pleasure Eros has control over the demons of lust and forbidden secrets - many of which share their master's contempt for mortal life and are unique amongst demons in taking pleasure in all things.. indeed victims of Eros rarely experience suffering and will spiral into oblivion in a state of ecstasy, such is the power of the Lord of Pleasure.

Powers / Abilities

  • Lord of Pleasure (Eros is immortal and can never die as long as lust and obsession exists, acts of hedonism and debauchery serve to keep Eros alive and as long as a single being gives into perversion or lust Eros will continue to exist)
  • Dimensional-Control (Eros can create/destroy dimensional gateways and exist in other realms outside the physical universe)
  • Lust Manipulation (Eros is able to manipulate the darkest portions of love and desire (often known as "lust") - this can manifest as obsession-inducement, seductive-auras, shape-shifting into idealized forms, fantasy-inducement/manifestation, pleasure-inducement and more..)
  • Malefic (Eros is a master of the dark arts, able to utilize witchcraft, hexes and curses as second nature)
  • Hell Lord (Eros is in command of his own hell-dimension and lesser demons, he can also turn others into lesser demons if they fall under his complete control.)

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