Esurio (default mode)

Esurio is the upcoming antagonist of the Sibling Rivalry crisis - which will be set before the Shadow of Death (likely Book II or III) and establishes the first in-canon union between the Secrets and the Absolutes.


Esurio (Latin for Hunger) is a powerful alien robot designed by the Infinites in centuries past as a cosmic "pet" but left dormant after it was stranded in the mainstream universe, it would remain dormant for so long it would be buried beneath the sands of an alien world until a fateful encounter with an unwary traveller awoke the entity (under the influence of the Paradox known as Curiosity) and it made its way to Earth in order to try and lure out beings that had knowledge of the Secrets and Absolutes..

Esurio would be de-actived at the end of Sibling Rivalry after a combined effort by the Secrets, Absolutes and several champions and locked away in the realm of Impossibility.

Esurio was re-activated during the events of Apocalypse Manifest in a desparate effort to stop Adversity, who completely erased the entity.

Powers / Abilities

DBZ - Perfect Cell Theme03:42

DBZ - Perfect Cell Theme

Esurio is a vastly powerful machine of Infinite design, its powers revolve around the ability to absorb other beings into itself to create a new form, it instinctively seeks out ever more powerful beings to merge with:

Stage I (default)

  • Durability (it is durable enough to withstand the combined powers of the Council of Godheads)
  • Superhuman Strength (it is physically strong enough to dwarve the combined might of the Council of Godheads)
  • Stellakinesis (it can effortlessly travel across dimensions and space, even breaking the barriers of the Hall of the Gods : it can not break a barrier made by a being of Luca's power)
  • Absorption (it can absorb a deity of "Sky-Father" power with relative ease)

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