"Madness. It is but the bitter, yet most sweet of mercies- Damn, where did the severed head go? It has to be somewhere..."


Faible is the antithesis to Veda, as such, he is the God of Ignorance, Forgetfulness, Scheming, and Misfortune. On that end, it's a continual attack upon Veda that he tries to do, anything to make Veda lose some form of memory or piece of knowledge. Just like Veda is the Gatherer of Knowledge, Faible is the loss of Knowledge. Within the hearts and souls of many, he makes those forget, thus in turn, he is the Destroyer of Understanding.

With his sphere of influence, as messed up as it is, it's impossible to figure out what he would plan or try to do. Totema was under attack at the very beginning by Faible, who found it necessary to destroy all knowledge and thoughts, but it is unknown if that was the true reason or not.

As strange and deranged as Faible is, he seems to normally be a kind individual who will invite others over for a nice cup of tea. Only in the end to drive the guests mad with insanity. A reality-warper to heart, he breaks the laws of physics in any way he possibly can.


Faible is a clearly misunderstood, strange individual, who seems to have no understanding of anything whatsoever. At the same time, it's a guise, a mask to make one drop their own guard. His normal paths of attack upon his enemies is to make others forget or totally lose their minds. Over time, his spontaneity becomes more noticeable and sometimes easier to catch on.

As with the normal phrase "CHEESE!!" of which he'll blab at any moment, even when in the middle of long, overdramatized explanations. He has a tendency to plot, yet throw away the whole idea in a split second in favor of "having a cup of tea" or "tending to the neighbor's garden of wild animals". His guises are practically perfect, even to the point o tricking Secrets into believing he's a kind being.

Faible has a tendency to relax alongside, when he was defeated by Veda, he stayed upon the Shiver Islands, his home. Which has an acid ocean, blue sands, monsters that play in a band specifically for him. Seemingly the realm is destructive, yet is quite calm to him.

Faible is the only one who knows how to destroy the concepts of understanding, knowledge, and thinking itself. As such, he aims normally for the creator of such, Veda.


Faible is different among the Multiverse, a destroyer of knowledge and understanding. He aims to make others forget, in turn, he grows more dangerous. Like Veda, Faible can 'unlock' Secrets, but instead of revealing the secret within, he completely destroys them, rendering Secrets themselves not to Anu-Oie, but to Divok-Kilon. The Secret destroyed can no longer return by normal means, and is subject to The Idealists.

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