"For every victory, there's a sacrificial lamb; every winner, needs a loser."

~Fate, at the moment of gaining greater power than Luck

Fate is a Secret that appears later on, he along with a few other Secrets, such as Control, sides himself into the darker side of the multiverse. Acting as Luck's opposite, attempts to stop any form of luck that he creates throughout the multiverse. His first appearance is in his own story, named Fortune's Fate.

Fortune's Fate

Within this story, Fate kidnaps the Arbiter of the past and takes him to his world, where he turns Arbiter into a rabbit and begins to toy around with him. All the while Arbiter is being beaten, made a fool of, and in a variety of ways, laughed at for certain happenings that befall the Balance Master. During a song, Fate exclaims his plans for Arbiter, desiring for him to disappear, through a course of magic tricks, which, with anything happening in Fate's World, becomes true and very real. Thus could lead to Arbiter's sudden inexistence. Seemingly, all the while, Fate tends to enjoy trying to torture Arbiter with any bit of power he can.


Though Fate has shown only the ability on the outside world to absorb others into himself with a suctional ability, in Fate's World, he is claimed to be "The Master of your Fate", in his world; as such, has a limitless amounts of powers and abilities, the most prominant is making other disappear, forever. Within Fate's world lives thousands of other Fate look-alikes, and variable actors of Fate dressed up in a variety of ways.


Fate is described to have the personality of spontaneous insanity, as he himself attempted at some point to control the powers of Chaos, but in a accident, caused himself to become overpowered by it's forces and changed his unwavering ideas into that of insanity and spontaneity. As such, his personality is the same as Chaos', giving way to many crazy and psychotic episodes of complete randomness.

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