Father Michael is a superhuman, Shade, and Catholic priest who fights off rogue superhumans, demons, and other such creatures that pose a threat to humanity. He is a champion of the poor and downtrodden, and believes that all people can be "saved".

Some of his opinions clash with the opinions of his peers, such as the ethics of the very existence of Valkyrie (which he supports, unlike other priests).



Michael Browning


Young Adult


Superhuman, Shade-Clan Vampire


Father Michael


Alan Ryder, Fleur Drake, Scarmiglione



Base of Operation

Earth, runs a church in Polaris


Vampirism, Empathy, Ninjutsu


Neutral Good


Alive & active


Father Michael comes off as a kindly, slightly clumsy man in public. His cheerful and youthful (some say "immature") personality makes him very likeable. He has no problem coexisting alongside superhumans, repentent denziens of Hell, aliens, Valkyrie or other non-humans, unlike a great number of fellow priests. He has even overseen the construction of a church meant specifically for these beings.

At a younger age, Michael was a more silent, polite, and shadowy person, who excelled at avoiding attention.

When tapping into his Vampirism, however, Father Michael becomes much more dark and terrifying in a heartbeat, willing to rend his enemies in half or tear them to shreds; he keeps this power a secret, however, only using this ability to kill those whom he must, often muttering a small prayer for their blackened or wayward souls.

Father Michael dons black robes. He wears a crucifix around his neck.


  • Weaponmaster (Father Michael carries a large arsenal of weaponry including blades, shruiken, and more, and is more than competent in their use.)
  • Ninjutsu (Father Michael is a master of Ninjutsu and other types of similar close combat.)
  • Vampirism (Father Michael is a part of the Shade vampire clan.)
  • Inner Sight (Father Michael is strangely empathetic and possesses a sort of "sixth sense".)

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