Faungli is the archenemy of Chiang Battlehand and a former knight of the Felid Order who attempted to take over Felidia - forcing Ginga Redkit to become his unwilling "bride" under threat of death as he utilized his dark magic to lay waste to those who stood against him.

However after braving the dangers of the Rogue Wilderness and retrieving the Staff Of Felidia Chiang managed to storm the castle and defeat Faungli - banishing the traitor from Felidia.

Now Faungli resides within the Rogue Wilderness and seeks revenge on Chiang and the rest of Felidia.


  • Devils' Chant (a low-pitched chant that causes opponents defences to lower significantly for several rounds)
  • Succubi's Song (a song that causes opponents to become entranced unless they have significant willpower)
  • Imps' Hymn (a chant that summons cloud of biting imps that swarm at victims)
  • Fiends' Mantra (a chant that causes poisoned daggers to manifest in the air around himself and hurl at enemies with chaotic accuracy)
  • Incubi's Tune (a song that causes opponents to drift into a light slumber that lasts until they experience pain or sudden surprise)
  • Malevolence (as well his signature moves listed above Faungli is an accomplished Dark Magician and has access to an array of magic, most of which focus on corruption and evil)


  • Demonic Blood (due to his prolonged exposure to the Rogue Wilderness Faungli has developed the condition known as "Demonic Blood")

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