All demons of Lucifer's Hell have a feral, bestial side, and even fewer have the ability to control it. This form appears when demons tap into their true power as demons, and can be attained by the demon in question undergoing rage or hate. Ruby, however, does not possess the ability to control her feral side, and when angered far enough, her physical body becomes more bestial in appearance and much more powerful. In her feral form, her eyes literally begin to glow with flame, her hands become like claws, her teeth like fangs, and thorns appear on the back of her arms, legs, and tail.


  • Berserker Rage (The more wounds that Feral Ruby recieves, the stronger she becomes, as she feeds off of her own pain and hate.)
  • Hellfire (Feral Ruby gains considerable power with Hellfire)
  • Hyper Strength (Feral Ruby becomes even more powerful for a demon)

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