Ferals are a gang and also a species in their own right: the descendents of a failed genetic-experiment around the time of the Cold War they have been sighted in many areas of the world ranging from inner-cities to woods and mountain-ranges, they are highly territorial and governed by animal-instinct despite being capable of human speech and intelligence.

Ferals have an intense rivalry with Skulls and clash with them frequently, although the two rarely kill one another, instead any Skull caught on Feral territory is mauled within an inch of their life then tossed aside as a warning - needless to say most Skulls who have experienced this treatment get the message and leave them alone.

Physically Ferals are deceptively "cute" - resembling humanoid squirrels of varying height (rarely exceeding 5ft) and are known to have a very unpleasant smell akin to rotten meat, they are shameless thiefs but will trade with others if approached carefully: they tend to be carnivorous and prefer raw meat and are governed by a matriarchal system in which the strongest female (known as a Feral-Queen) rules over a pack of up to sixteen other Ferals, with any remaining Ferals being sent to live in new packs.

Although rarely wearing human clothing Ferals dye their fur in order to mark themselves as a member of a particular pack - every pack has a unique fur-dye and any pack that dares to use the same dye as another risks being attacked as Ferals see the dye as a symbol of pack-unity: in times of great need Ferals can band together in what is known as a Gathering - however their has yet to be a full-scale Gathering in recent history and they remain a fairly divided species.

Appearance In The Villains RPG Universe

Ferals make a brief appearance in Operation: SIM and play a larger role in the New Kids On The Block saga.

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