The Fire Dragon-Flight is one of the many Dragon-Flights in existence and is the one that has traditionally isolated itself from mortal races, although a select few of them have broken this isolation to inspire certain myths in the mortal world (such as the mythical "Red Dragon" that is still seen in the Welsh Flag).

Fire Dragons are (as expected) red in coloration and often stand on all fours, though they can also walk on two legs much like humans - their underside is soft and lighter in coloration than their back scales, as such they rarely expose this portion of themselves unless they are trusting of an individual: like most dragons they have large functional wings and they have a distinctive tail that ends in a "spade".

Fire Dragons are isolationists by nature and don't enjoy the company of other races, with the exception of the Celestial Dragons - who they have traded with for generations due to the Celestial Dragons granting them access to the heat of stars, which Fire Dragons can not resist (indeed Fire Dragons are somewhat addicted to heat).

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