Fortuna is a diety who is the embodiment of consequences, karma, fate, cause-and-effect, reactions, and retribution. It is through her that the Balance came into being. She is also blind.

Fortuna is known to be in possession of a great wheel, whose turning allows the cycle of Balance to occur.


Shattered Psyche

In the earliest days of the Multiverse, the Balance manifested into a single goddess known as Fortuna. Young and curious, Fortuna spent many years wandering through the Multiverse, yet was lonely- she did not fit into the worlds of mortals, and other gods were nowhere to be found.

When Thyria entered the Multiverse at one point, she went to investigate. It was here where she met Seya, and his three children Daille, Tsukinode, and Zied. In time, she struck a bond with Seya.

Zied, however, had other plans- with the assistance of Kaede, he struck a deal with Sin: steal the sight of one who sees all in return for ultimate power. With the influence of Sin's strength, Zied managed to blind Fortuna, stealing her godlike vision.

(In progress)

The Chronicles of Terralius

Forging the Cherub's Gate, Fortuna bequeathes the blade to Dashuri, who uses it to defeat Eclipse. Forging a prison around Eclipse of magic, ancient machinery, and stone, Dashuri creates the planet Terralius. Fortuna denied Dashuri's request to take the blade back, and instructed her to keep it hidden until it's next wielder would be found.

Judge and Executioner

Fortuna appears in Judge and Executioner to call the next wielder of the Cherub's Gate, Rune, sending her on a quest to seek out allies, locate the blade, and defeat Arbiter of Order.

Karma's Tale

Despite not making a physical appearance, Fortuna will be held in high respect amongst the Keepers of Balance as their patron goddess.

The Shadow of Death

Fortuna appears as Seya and Evil conspire to awaken the Omega- despite the wishes of The Divine Trinity, she chooses to make an intervention (what she will do is currently unknown).


  • Manifestation of Balance (Fortuna is the physical avatar of the Balance itself)
  • Limited Creation (Fortuna can create anything except for lives/souls)


  • The Cherub's Gate blade contains a fraction of Fortuna's power, which manifests as her will.


Fortuna was mentioned in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy as being the goddess of fortune, who possessed a giant wheel responsible for transferring fortune from one to another.

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