Fourteen is the fourteenth creation in Malovus' third series of bioweapons, and the most powerful of them all. It was designed to improve on Thirteen's flaws, including Thirteen's free will.


Fourteen has an average-sized, but muscular build, yet this belies it's true strength; Fourteen is capable of shattering rock and snapping steel with punches and kicks. Malovus deliberately molded Fourteen with no facial features save for eyes and nose, and designed it's brain to telepathically link with his own mind, denying it any free will. It's eyes are covered with a device that wraps around it's head to grant it 360-degree vision.


  • Enhanced Strength (Fourteen's attacks are lethal to most living beings, as a single strike from it can break steel)
  • Archic Magic
  • Imbalance
  • Thaumaturgy

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