"people ask me why I choose this name and I'll tell you why: I'm free now.. free to strike out at any who would hurt me or my friends" ~ Freedom-Striker

Muse - Uprising (HQ)05:03

Muse - Uprising (HQ)

Freedom-Striker is a volatile antihero who travels the world delivering his own brand of justice to criminals of all kinds as well as continuing a life-long quest to prevent the rise of The Unborn - he is regarded as a hero by some and a menace by others but doesn't care much what anyone thinks: he knows he is fighting for something bigger than petty morality.


Freedom-Striker was born the youngest of several siblings and lived a happy, normal life until one day he stumbled across knowledge of the Unborn - the knowledge ate away at him and eventually he couldn't take it any more: he made an alter-ego for himself known as Freedom-Striker and began to hunt down all things connected to the Unborn in order to stop its rise and along the way he also begin dishing out his own brand of justice on any criminal he came across.

His travels saw him get into conflict with the Liberator at an early-stage and the two quickly became on-and-off partners when not fighting one another - other contacts Freedom-Striker has made over time was Mr Z and Ruffian, though Ruffian would later betray Freedom-Striker's trust by joining the Skulls and thus their friendship ended.

Despite his flaws Freedom-Striker fights for what he knows is a vital cause and he won't allow anything, friend or foe, get in the way of his ultimate goal: to destroy the Unborn once and for all.

Appearance In The Villains RPG Universe


Freedom-Striker is as agile as an athlete, slightly faster than most humans, possesses average strength, can withstand greater wounds than normal humans and has slightly more intelligence and resistance to psychics than most humans. He can also automatically change his vision to infra-red so as to see in the dark and has a tracking-sense that allows him to hunt down The Unborn and its hosts.


Physically Freedom-Striker is quite skinny and stands in at 5ft 7in in height - he has black hair worn short and has greenish-grey eyes which change to red when he activates his infra-red vision: he dresses in a black stealth-suit with red strips along the upper arms and legs with an icon of a closed fist on his chest - he also wears black army boots and gloves plus a utility-belt gifted to him by Liberator.

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