I'll try - Jesse McCartney (lyrics)03:52

I'll try - Jesse McCartney (lyrics)

"I'll try" - song that inspired Friend and his story

is a character who first appeared in The Runaway and would return later as the main antagonist of Fly By Midnight.


Friend was once a human boy who was subjected to abuse by his over-authoritarive parents - however he was rescued by Charm and taken away from the "real world" where he found sanctuary from his previous existence.

(more info shall be revealed soon).


will be revealed soon.

Powers / Abilities

Friend is Spirit Blessed, which grants him the following abilities:

  • Ageless (Friend does not physical age and is also immune to most diseases)
  • Flight (Friend can fly without aid)
  • Dimensional-Control (Friend can open dimensional portals of varying sizes and shapes)

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