"You ask why I consider you people to be so low? When you come across an insect on the sidewalk, do you stop to consider it's existence worthless? Of course not; it is not even worth the few seconds of your time that it would take to crush it. That is an accurate depiction of my thoughts towards half-breeds."

~Fuhrer Praeside

Fuhrer Siyamak Praeside was the previous leader of the Lords of Science before Malovus gained his title. He led a secret group within the Scientific Parliament of Terralius that preformed experiments with Thaumaturgy. Although his public appearance seems innocent enough, Praeside has an enormous god-complex and an unquenchable thirst for power.


Praeside became the Fuhrer of Terralius near the end of the Golden Age.

Praeside supervised a number of thaumaturgic experiments meant to toy with life and souls, and analyze the mysterious Gate. One of these experiments resulted in a Terralian half-breed child re-entering the world from behind the gate. This child, later named Ryou, managed to escape into The Underground by unknown means and was rescued by Kagami.

Years later, after Ryou and Kagami had finally professed their love for each other, Praeside laid claim to Kagami as a daughter and thus, Kagami spent a few months living in the Fuhrer's Mansion. She and Ryou began to meet in secret, and one night made love to each other, conceiving the future infant Jason, who would be cloned back to life years later as Thirteen. Later that very same night, they were captured by Praeside's soldiers, and Ryou was taken prisoner for "kidnapping" the Fuhrer's daughter. Upon the Fuhrer's decision to publicly torture Ryou, Kagami stood up to her father, resulting in her own imprisonment alongside her now bloodied lover. Soon after, they were sprung free by Amber and Malovus. Malovus proceeded with his plan to kill Praeside undetected and succeeded, allowing Ryou, Kagami, and Amber to slip away in the commotion.

Malovus manipulated the aspects of Terralian politics and successfully took over Praeside's old role, becoming the new Fuhrer.

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