The Secret of Gambling is a strange one indeed, using card tricks, dice, poker chips, coins, darts, and many other types of devices used in such games for attack devices. In a way, his power is subsequently derived from Luck's own, making him one of the few connected to said Secret. Dangerous and strange to heart, Gambling sees no consequences is playing a good card game, and will even have certain risks entailed to himself in a game.

He is the tenth member of Red Dusk.


Gambling is a an addicted game player, often playing Poker, Liar's Dice, Darts, even Bowling, always betting against his opponent. At times, this makes him dangerous, and if he finds himself losing, he will begin to cheat, though he hides this fact, as hardly anyone notices him perform the hidden tasks.


  • Card Flip - Hides inside his own cards
  • Card Shuriken - Very much like Game-Mage's Power
  • Darts
  • Slot-Machine Twist - Random occurance, effects occur on enemy
  • Poker-Chip Flip - A summoning of extra large poker chips, big enough to smash enemies

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