Gambol is a former Balance-Keeper who became obsessed with the ideals of Chaos. Abandoning the ways of the Balance-Keepers, Gambol sought after ways to increase both his power and influence, to spread Chaos across the Multiverse. While increasing his power, Gambol became increasingly corrupted by the Imbalance, becoming an evil, power-hungry trickster. Unlike other evil tricksters like Nova, however, Gambol is far less spontaneous, willing to follow a solid plan to ensure that discord is spread.

Gambol is the archenemy of The Game-Mage, but will make other appearances in which the Game-Mage is not concerned.

Gambol's first appearance is in the story Nebula, Queen of the Universe, where he entrusts a mysterious book to the little wisp that allows her to effectively alter the laws of reality to any way that she sees fit.


Gambol's alignment could be considered "Ordered-Chaos"; Despite his devotion to the ideals of Chaos, there are specific methods in which he spreads discord.

It is currently unconfirmed, but Gambol is said to have a tendency to break out into song...

Gambol bears the appearance of a so-called "stereotypical" villain, a design that he took a liking to. He wears a top hat, a curly moustache, and a black cape.


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