The Gentle Ones are a pantheon of abstract entities that stand in opposition to the Dark Ones, just as the Dark Ones embody negative forces the Gentle Ones embody concepts most species have grown to see as noble or benefitial - making them in many ways the means by which the multiverse protects itself from the Dark Ones and their influence..

Known Gentle Ones

  1. Bliss (embodiment of emotional liberation and happiness) - cosmic counterpart to Misery -
  2. Creation (embodiment of art, culture and progression) - cosmic counterpart to Oblivion -
  3. Liberty (embodiment of freedom and security) - cosmic counterpart to Iron-Maiden -
  4. Valor (embodiment of courage) - cosmic counterpart of Phobia -
  5. Caretaker (embodiment of physical, emotional and spiritual growth) - cosmic counterpart of Rot -
  6. Vitality (embodiment of health and well-being) - cosmic counterpart to Blight -
  7. Love (embodiment of unconditional love and forgiveness) - cosmic counterpart to Enmity -

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