Ginga Redkit (often named "Kit") is a young Felid princess and the love-interest of Chiang Battlehand, who defends her and the other Felids from evils both born of their native world of Felidia and other worlds.

Character Bio

Ginga Redkit is the only daughter of an unnamed king who, for reasons unknown, left his native land many years ago - leaving her to take command: yet she would retain the title of princess rather than queen, still hoping for her father's return.

During her father's absence the evil Faungli tried to take over Felidia but was defeated by Chiang Battlehand, who would win the affection of Ginga as a result and became her protector and lover, despite the fact the two were forbidden from actual marriage due to Chiang not being of royal blood.

Although often seen as a "pretty face" Ginga can and will fend for herself and like any Felid knows that in order to survive she must learn to rule with restraint while not allowing herself to be seen as weak by her many enemies..


  • Piercing Gaze (Ginga can gaze at someone with such intensity it causes actual discomfort, in stronger individuals it is an emotional discomfort akin to mild fear or anxiety but with weaker individuals it can actually feel like her gaze is literally stabbing at them, though no physical damage is done.)

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