Golden Child
is a legendary hero who is best described as midway between a god and a superhero - an embodiment of justice itself the Golden Child is eternal and exists via a host-body which houses a small amount of its vast cosmic-power and it is devoted to pursuing justice in all its forms, from the highest cosmic threat to the most minor of misdeeds the Golden Child is always ready to right a wrong or reveal some great revelation to a hero or villain, often with life-changing consequences.


When the first intelligence life-forms began to wander the universe the Golden Child was born and in every generation since a host has been chosen to house the power of the eternal guardian and ensure that justice prevails against a tide of chaos and ruin: feared and worshiped in equal quantities the Golden Child is rare for a cosmic-entity in its regular interact with mortal-life and its tendency to right even the most minor of wrongs. As well as its many heroics the Golden Child often appears to a hero or villain in times of distress or need and reveals a life-changing revelation: how and why the Golden Child does this is almost as mysterious as the Golden Child itself.


Golden Child appears as a muscular male encased from head to toe in living metal of a golden coloration - he is quite similar to the Metatron in this sense but tends to be larger and more mature-looking, while Metatron tends to be either less muscular or youthful in appearance: another notable difference between the two is that Metatron has no noticable features while Golden Child has defined eyes, mouth, ears and nose.


The Golden Child is amongst one of the most powerful beings in the universe - its only limits appear to be that it must fight by a strict code of honor prohibiting the deaths of innocent-lives, the breaking of a promise and acts that are seen as dishonorable (such as humiliating an opponent, backstabbing and other dirty tricks).

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