Grace Ryder is the fifth of the superhuman Ryder siblings. Of the six, her abilities are the most mysterious, and potentially the most dangerous.


The use of her powers at the age of twelve broke Grace's mind, and she has since regressed to the personality of a young girl in the body of a teenager. 


Grace dons a straitjacket and a blindfold over her eyes.


  • Limited Foresight (Grace can see a few minutes into the future of anyone she comes in contact with, though she has no control over this power.)
  • Limited Fate Alteration (Grace has the ability to alter the fates of those she sees.)
  • Probability Alteration (Grace seems to have the ability to manipulate her luck in dangerous environments, though this ability requires unflinching focus.)
  • Psychic Sight (Grace can sense life and energy around her, essentially giving her 360 degress of "vision.")
  • Death Inducement (Grace has the power to induce death and decay through willpower alone, though use of this power requires external stimuli and the ability to see a target with her eyes- she is blindfolded and her arms are restrained via straitjacket because of this.)

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