Gravestone is an immortal mutant and an agent of Dollhouse - he seeks to further the group's goal of transforming the world into a totalitarion police-state and has existed long enough to believe that humanity is destined to become such a society: with superhuman beings such as himself being the new master class.


Born days after the end of the Russian Revolution Gravestone would live most of his life under Communist rule and quickly embraced the idea of a state devoid of democracy: when the Soviet Union finally fell Gravestone was amongst the many villains who tried to rebuild the fallen empire but was unable to achieve much, ultimately he gave up on his motherland and left to the shores of America were he would meet up with Dollhouse and joined them, becoming one of their most prominent agents.

Silent, cold and disturbingly calm Gravestone is a man confident of his abilities and rarely fights to his full potential, preferring to monitor his enemies from afar before striking a killing blow in a matter of seconds - he knows that he has an eternity to spare and is convinced that with time Dollhouse will prevail and the world will become a better place as a result.


Gravestone is an immortal and can't age physically while also possessing infinite endurance - he is also a master of many kinds of combat due to his many years of existence and through his contacts in Dollhouse has access to many government-files on superhumans that he can use to exploit known weaknesses.

  • Immortality (the inability to die of natural causes)
  • Indefatigability (the inability to suffer from physical fatigue, allowing one to fight at peak potential without tiring)
  • Combat Mastery (the trait of having extensive knowledge in armed/unarmed combat)
  • Influence (the trait of having many powerful contacts and resources, usually due to high status in a powerful organization / faction)


Physically Gravestone is rather stocky but this is due most to muscle rather than fat, he stands in at 5ft 8in and has brown hair that is shaved into a flat-top style, his eyes are also brown but tend to be hidden under sunglasses - he wears a uniform akin to a government agent or bodyguard and carries a pistol with silencer and a pair of throwing-knives with him at all times.

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