Greed is a member of The Outsiders and was empowered by the Dark One known as Enmity, though he was loyal solely to Misery (under her guise as the "Dark Spirit").

Much like Enmity itself Greed is short-tempered, cruel and aggressive with an obsession with taking what is not his, especially if it provides him with an excuse to abuse others.

Following his conversion to a follower of Evil herself Greed gained a demonic appearance resembling a hairy ogre with crystals sticking out of his body in irregular patterns - yet retained his old personality.



  • Mind-Warping (Greed can warp the thoughts of his victims, causing varied effects that are akin to temporary insanity - usually manifesting as obsessive behavior or (unsurprisingly) greed)


  • Mind-Warping (see above)
  • Crystal Lures (Greed's body is covered in demonic crystals that lure people close, causing them to lose focus as they become fixated on the crystals - it requires great willpower to resist this temptation)

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