Guardian is one of the Triad, three powerful beings that act as the caretakers of The Light - although the third (known as Pietus) fell from grace and has not been replaced out of The Light's deep regret at having lost one of it's "Children".

Guardian is the personal guard of The Light and embodies the concept of an Ordered soldier who enforces the rules of "Paradise" without question or exception, making him a being that is both incredibly powerful and incredibly dangerous if provoked into battle.

Powers / Abilities

  • Armor Of Faith ( Guardian can shield himself in the "Armor Of Faith" - which grants him almost complete invulnerability at the cost of preventing him from attacking others, as he becomes almost akin to a living statue.)
  • Mastery Of The Spoken Word (Guardian can master any spoken language and has an unnaturally charismatic voice that is hard to resist, even strong-willed individuals find it hard to doubt the words Guardian speaks, even when they are blatant lies and when speaking to large crowds Guardian can easily amass large numbers of people to his will.)
  • Supreme Strategist (Guardian is a master of strategy who can calculate many complex decisions at a rate surpassing even the most skilled of human generals or decision-makers, few question his strategies and even fewer are able to counter them without great effort.)
  • Immortality (Guardian is not born of flesh and blood but of pure spiritual energy - as such he can never age nor die from conventional injury, even wounds from mystic sources or advanced weaponry can never kill him: they can, however, harm him to the point he must retreat into a state of deep hibernation.)
  • Wings Of Order (many angelic beings hold the power to harness the power of order and unleash it via a strong flap of their wings, expelling the energy outwards in a powerful blast that deals great damage to those that seek them harm.)
  • Dance Of Life (Guardian can take advantage of his natural ability to move at superhuman spe to race to the aid of those in trouble and shield them from harm via the use of his wings.)
  • Dimensional-Mastery (most angelic-beings can naturally move freely across space/time and Guardian is no exception - he is also able to travel through time thanks to the Sign Of Trust.)
  • Empathy (even the lowest-ranking of angelic being have some level of empathy, able to look into the emotional-state of others and manipulating them on a limited scale - normally angelic-beings do this to soothe those in great pain or to calm those consumed by rage or hatred.)



Advisor / Guardian / The Light / Children Of The Light / Light Keepers


Pietus / Septic / Nettle / Nemean Lion

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