HAG (Hostile Activism Guild) is a self-styled anarchist group that believe in violent activism for the sake of being violent: this makes HAG one of the most bizarre and dangerous organisations on Earth as it has no true goal, instead it hires only the most fanatical and deadly champions of many different causes ranging from animal-welfare to religious-fundamentalism.

The massive in-fighting these differing goals cause only serves to further the spirit of HAG - unrestrained anarchy and destruction, it's little wonder that Warmonger has voiced his approval of the organisation: "HAG.. now those guys know how to party.. to them life is just one big battle-field... I really should send them flowers or something..".

HAG currently has active cells in every major city on Earth and despite massive military and police effort to stop their spread it is only a matter of time before these maniacs become powerful enough to be a real threat to hero and villain alike.

Appearance In The Villains Universe

Operation: SIM

Desert Rose

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