Heather Walker -> Mother Cyclone

Heather Walker is a character who first appears in Utopia and later in Hail To The King - she works for the ISDF as one of General Earl Dean's high-up scientists in charge of superhuman containment and research: she is the creator of many Cyclones and well as Ignis.




Heather is a dangerous woman who treats her creations much like children and actually forms emotional bonds with them, this unhealthy relationship goes far deeper than her superiors would like to admit and in truth Heather sees herself as more Cyclone than anything else.

Due to her exotic heritage Heather is often disturbed by anti-superhuman sentiment yet at the same time is fairly callous in regards to superhuman life if she feels the need for training exercises for Cyclones (such as Utopia).

Ultimately Heather is loyal only to ISDF law and although preferring to ally with the superhuman community will also imprison it if necessary - especially if they endanger her own Cyclone project (it is also worth noting even her loyalty to ISDF law can be tested in regards to the Cyclone project - as she resists all attempts to close the project down, often quite violently).

Powers / Abilities

Heather is a Human/Fire-Dragon hybrid with Alicorn heritage, granting her a number of abilities:

  • Shape-Shifting (Heather can take the form of a human female, a Fire-Dragon, an Alicorn or a combination of either)
  • Fire-Breath (Heather can emit fire from her mouth much like a normal Fire-Dragon would)
  • Blade-Wing (when in her human-form Heather has a concealed wing made out of sharp blades which she can sprout at any time and fire said blades like spikes)
  • Omni-Sight (Heather can see in all spectrums as well as see things that are invisible or hidden, even across dimensional-barriers)
  • Regeneration (Heather can regenerate quickly from life-threatening disease, injuries or similar)

In addition to this Heather is a high-ranking and highly skilled scientist with a genius-IQ, especially when it comes to creating complex robots and A.I. which at its peak is sufficent to create machines so advanced they are capable of being classed as "living beings" by those who do not know their true origins.

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